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Multiple types of switchgear are available for switching and protecting circuits on utility distribution systems and within commercial and industrial (C&I) facilities. Although metal-clad switchgear and pre-engineered metal-enclosed switchgear are common choices, such switchgear creates challenges from an operations and maintenance (O&M) perspective or lacks the customization utilities or C&I facilities may need for specific application needs.

However, another customizable, low-maintenance, and robustly designed switchgear alternative exists to ease the challenges posed by metal-clad switchgear and pre-engineered metal-enclosed switchgear: S&C's Custom Metal-Enclosed Switchgear.

A Custom Solution

S&C’s Custom Metal-Enclosed Switchgear mitigates the challenges of metal-clad switchgear and pre-engineered metal-enclosed switchgear. Custom Metal-Enclosed Switchgear’s simple construction and installation requirements contribute to a low initial cost compared to metal-clad switchgear. Additionally, the product’s robust design makes it dependable, meaning it requires minimal maintenance over time—further reducing overall O&M costs. Designed to be a perfect fit for unique C&I or utility applications, Custom Metal-Enclosed Switchgear is the best choice to improve reliability.

The Benefits of Custom Metal-Enclosed Switchgear in Your C&I Facility

Product Overview

621 3 Bay Custom Metal-Enclosed Gear Unit

Custom Metal-Enclosed Switchgear incorporates interrupter switches and power fuses in durable enclosures and is tailored to meet specific indoor or outdoor distribution system needs. Available in ratings of 4.16 kV, 13.8 kV, 25 kV, 34.5 kV, and 46 kV, the switchgear is ideal for applications with unique requirements, such as uncommon switchgear bay layouts.


Custom Metal-Enclosed Switchgear can be customized to fit your specific application requirements while reducing maintenance costs and improving reliability.

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Highly Customizable

Gear is configured to meet any system or application need

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Low Maintenance

Switches and fuses never need adjusting, programming, or dielectric testing

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Resilient Design

Utility-grade design withstands time and the elements

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Hassle-Free Installation

Preassembled and simpler construction requirements

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Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Lower up-front and maintenance costs than metal-clad switchgear

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Improved Reliability

Fuses offer faster fuse-clearing time and reduce system stress compared to circuit breakers


Custom Metal-Enclosed Switchgear can be customized to fit your specific application requirements while reducing maintenance costs and improving reliability.

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Arc-Resistant Option

Operators and adjacent equipment protected from arc-flash events

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Lightweight Design

Easier transport, assembly, and installation

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Multiple Fuse Choices

Choose from S&C SM or SML Power Fuses or Fault Fiter® Electronic Power Fuses

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Single-Phase Load Protection

Fuses isolate only faulted phases of feeders

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Three-Phase Load Protection

Open-phase detection or overcurrent relays are available

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Sophisticated Source-Transfer Capabilities

Automatic power transfer from multiple sources

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Corrosion-Resistant Enclosure

Steel enclosure is protected against rain and corrosion using the state-of-the-art Ultradur® II Outdoor Finish

Case Studies

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Product Details

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